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Hi everyone and sorry for being quite unactive here.

I feel like dA ha slowed down a little, so I haven't really felt like being productive here. That's why I haven't written new journal entries about the cons I have visited. Don't worry tho, I'll keep uploading new cosplay pictures whenever I get them.

If you are interested to see more, I recommend you to take a look at my profile:
or my tumblr's cosplay tag:…
There are a few pictures I haven't uploaded to dA.

So yeah, that's pretty much everything I wanted to say this time. See you!
One of the reasons I'm excited for this con is that it's located so close to my current apartment that I don't have to stay in a hotel for the night! I can just come back here after day one and return the next day. That makes everything so much easier and cheaper!
I'm still not completely ready with my cosplays and tomorrow is the last day I have time to work with them, but I'm not panicking (yet). All I need to do is to finish the new hairline I made for my Ai wig and if the wig will be co-operative, that won't take too long.

So yeah, my cosplays for the upcoming weekend:
Saturday: Ai Mikaze from Uta no prince-sama. I'm super excited for this, because we have the whole Quartet Night!
Sunday: Kyoko Kirigiri from Dangan Ronpa. We have a small group for this day too. Tho I'm afraid that we won't have much time to hang out as a group because Sunday will be so short day and at least I'm going to sit the first half of it watching the program they have there. I hope we'll have time to take pictures.

See you there!
I have been so busy with my cosplays that I didn't have time to write a journal entry about Tracon before the convention... So have some of my feelings about the event now.

Let's say that everything seemed to go wrong at first... Neither of my costumes finished in time. I was sewing like a mad and even skipped 6-7 hours worth of school just to sew and they still didn't finish! The night before convention I was so tired that I was crying, shaking and feeling like vomitting so I just left everything there and went to sleep. The next morning I packed my unfinished costumes, sewing machine and other sewing supplies to my car and left to Tampere for the con.
But I'm lucky to have good friends around me! My friend Jansutti let me finnish my costume in her hostel room and helped me with my sister. Thank you both so much, it meant a lot to me!

So, on Saturday I cosplayed Syo from Uta no prince-sama: Maji Love 2000% We had a little group with Jansutti as Natsuki, piraattitomaatti as Otoya and swissy-chan as Haruka. I also participated in the cosplay competition alone for the first time since 2006. It was very fun, I felt confident and not even that nervous before going to the stage. My goal was to be cute and charismatic on stage and I felt I succeeded on that.
Me and my Utapri-friends also met awesome people cosplaying Reiji and Ai from the same series. It was awesome to hang out with them and take pictures. I hope you guys will contact me, because I know none of your contact information.
We got some cute pictures from Saturday. I hope I can upload some of them soon.
Also, the anime karaoke was great. Waiting in the long line wasn't boring at all, it was very fun to sing along with other people. Singing both Maji Loves with my friends (and other people in the karaoke room) felt awesome!

On Sunday, my costume was Romania from Hetalia. That cosplay was finished in the hotel room I shared with my friends. This time I got lots of help from my sister again and from my friend Lokkikuiskaaja. Thanks to both of you!
So, Sunday was a special day because it was finally time for Rintamasuunta's 45 minutes long cosplay skit "Axis Powers Hetalia: World at War." The performance went fine, but sadly almost everything on me broke down: My vampire teeth fell off so I abandonet them to backstage after my first scene, my knife broke in every scene I used it, it kept doing that even if I fixed it every time, my little hat kept falling off and also near the end of the performance my belt refused to work properly and stay on its place so I spent most of the skit on the backstage repairing myself. It's actually kinda sad that our performance left so empty feeling in me... : ( I blame it on the costume. Next time I will make it in time so I don't need to repair it all the time.
But big thanks to everyone who came to watch Rintamasuunta's performance, we all apperiecate it a lot!:hug:

I left the convention with great feelings! I don't remember when was the last time I had this much fun in a con! I hope the events in the future will be as great as this one.
...Speaking of that, Tracon seems to be the last con I'm attending this year. My next convention will be Yukicon in January, but I have cosplay-related plans even before that. I have shitload of costumes I have made and worn this year, but don't have good pictures of them so I'm planning to have many photoshoots (if they fit to my partner and photographer's schedule). I also have few costumes I can't wait to start making already. Let's just say that my plans include some Dangan Ronpa (and SDR2) and more Utapri.
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Animecon was a week ago, but I forgot to write a journal entry about it. Anyways, I cosplayed child!Belgium from Hetalia and Meiling from Cardcaptor Sakura. I participated in cosplay show competition with Nessu as Syaoran and we won the third place! It was so awesome and I definitely want to participate again! The audience liked us a lot more than we thought, we got huge applauses and everything was just so fun and awesome.


I'm going to NärCon in Linköping, Sweden. It's next week already and that's way too soon for me. I have three new cosplays and none of them is ready yet. I have only two and half days to finish everything before I'm leaving to Sweden, so it's gonna be busy... Nevertheless, I'm very excited! Närcon was so fun last year too, so I'm really looking forward for this year!

My cosplays are:
Thursday: Katara (Fire nation disguise) from Avatar the last airbender with TaidanUpota as Aang and Emiko-Anmarie as Suki.
Friday: Fem!Italy from Hetalia in an unofficial costume (this one: hanakoofthejungle.deviantart.c…) with Tiriol as Germany from the same picture. I have barely started this costume and it's eating shitload of lace. Sometimes I wonder why I agreed to do this... Well, I'm not backing off now.
Saturday: Sailor!Norway from Hetalia with Nessu as my partner again (she'll be cosplaying Denmark♥ Thank you so much for doing this for me!)
Sunday: No cosplay.
I'll also bring my Gakuen Hetalia girls' uniform and probably cosplay Hungary some evening when my friends change into theirs.

If you see us, come to say hello!

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Wow it has been months since my last journal entry.
Many of my friends tend to talk about their cosplay plans for upcoming conventions so I decided to do the same.

So, Desucon is next weekend in Lahti, Finland. My cosplay plans for the con are:
Friday: Wy from Hetalia with Lokkikuiskaaja as Sealand. It's the same Wy costume I wore in Desucon two years ago for the first time. I also met Lokkikuiskaaja, who was cosplaying Sealand that time, there for the first time. Man how fast time has passed.
Saturday: Mami from Puella Magi Madoka Magica with TaidanUpota as Madoka and nukkelapsi as Homura. Again, I'm using older costume (well, this one was debuted in February so it really isn't old at all). Me and Nessu have been planning to cosplay Madoka and Mami together for a long time so it's nice that we finally can make it happen! Plus, we have Homura with us. The more the merrier~
Sunday: Shampoo from Ranma ½. This is the only new costume for the weekend. So far I have a bit mixed feelings about my cosplay. It's nice to cosplay her since Ranma ½ was the first manga I ever read and Shampoo was my favorite. We also have pretty big Ranma cosplay group, so I'm really excited! But, the quality of my costume is kinda... Well, it could have been better. I almost ran out of fabric while making the shirt, the shoes are not as red as I wanted and slightly too big for me and I think the wig is wrong shade of blue. Anyways, I'm pretty pleased with the weapons I made for her and the eight sleighbells (is that the right word?) in her costume are lovely.

In other news, our cosplay group Rintamasuunta is selling some stuff at Saturday in the artist alley. Our table is number 8 and we share it with Mai Koyama. Come say hello to us! I'm selling from 15 o'clock to 16, maybe to 17 in case anyone's interested.
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So, this year I have visited many big conventions and I have made no posts about them, but when I visit a small con I'm writing a journal entry? Yeah, that's what happened.

There is not much to write about Yamacon... I was there with my friends TaidanUpota, mamiamamia and CaramelRevolution (Jansutti was there too but we didn't hang out that much). The programme didn't interest any of us, so we entertained ourselves by playing with playcards and writing messages like "You have a lovely nose" on paper planes before throwing them down to the crowd. Then we decided to go to a library to have a photoshoot. It turned out to be a good idea, it was very fitting location for our costumes.

Now a question: How many of you have a friend, who is willing to cosplay your OTP with you even if they don't ship it themself? I do and I'm happy about that. I cosplayed Iceland and TaidanUpota was my Hong Kong. We decided to do the Gakuen Hetalia uniforms, but the trousers were pain in the ass. We had spotted perfect fabric for them, but when we went to buy it, they didn't have it anymore. I visited fabric stores in five different towns to find it, but no luck. We had to buy not-so-good-looking fabric, but it ended up looking rather nice.
The pictures turned out fine and this time the derp ones looked so nice I think I may do a collection of them and post in Tumblr or something. Though I'm a bit mad at myself that I forgot to style my wig. I was so into styling Hong Kong's wig that I totally forgot mine needed some cutting too. So I was hastily cutting the bangs a bit shorter in the morning of the con when we were already late. The wig looks too long in the pictures, but at least Hong's hair looks nice : )

And then about my future cosplay plans... There aren't many yet, but I guess it's only good.
CosplayGaala is held on November and I'm going to participate in the cosplay competition as Blue Rose from Tiger & Bunny. I have already debuted my Blue Rose cosplay last June in Desucon, but this time I'm going to make it look better!
Desucon Frostbite is in February. I'm going to finally finnish my Mami cosplay from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. It has been a work in progress for almost a year now. I'm not that interested in the costume though, but I have already started it, I have all the fabrics I need and a wig, so I don't want to abandon this project.
But then, I'm going to make something I'm really looking forward: Norway in his outfit from Hetalia Fantasia 2. I have been wanting to cosplay Norway for two years, but my other plans always get in the way. This time, however, I'm finally doing it and I shall debut the costume in Desucon Frostbite. Have I also mentioned that I love the Fantasia outfits?

Respect to whoever did read my babbling all the way to the end.

//EDIT: Stuff happened and I'm not participating in the cosplay competition anymore. However, I'm still going to CosplayGaala, but I'm cosplaying something more simple and casual than Blue Rose.
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I have had this account since February, I think, but the problem is, I have no photos. This year I have already cosplayed seven characters, one of them in two different outfits, so you should think I would have something to show to you, but nope. I'm not photogenic at all, the camera doesn't like me and I have no idea how to please it. I still want some pictures of my costumes, so now I have decided to have a small photoshoot to have at least few presentable pictures of the cosplays I have put effort to make.

I started with Wy from Hetalia. It is the second oldest cosplay I currently have in my closet (fem!Austria being the oldest) and one of my favorite characters to cosplay. I asked my cousin Tanja to take the pictures and I have to say, she is a great photographer! Se told me if I had to change the position of my leg/chin/hand/prop, if my wig was messy etc. That's something I need someone to tell me, because like I already stated, I'm not photogenic at all. I understand it is difficult for the photographer in the con to notice all these things, but that's why I think photoshoots after the con are good and fun idea. Or maybe I'm just a little too harsh on myself?

Next I'm probably going to have a photoshoot in my Mary (from Ib) or Momoka (from Mawaru Penguindrum) cosplay. Let's see when both I and my cousin have time. Hopefully soon, because I should start with my Tracon cosplays rather sooner than later...

Also, I'm hoping to get my hands on the pictures from Animecon and NärCon soon.
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1.) A happy life for me and those who are dear to me 2.) Ability to speak many languages 3.) Hmm.... World peace, maybe? 8D

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Everywhere! Right now I would like to visit Eastern and Southeast Asia like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Tokyo, and Northern Europe, mostly Iceland and Norwegian fjords.

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I'm pretty sure there is. At least we still have Zombie-marja and Rähinäjuissi.

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